… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 1

First morning in Uppsala: nice and sunny, fresh air entering my room through the tiny window and incredibly silent. The truth is that not all the rooms are occupied in this time of the year and most likely a similar situation is the house in front of this one. On the top of  it, there is barely any traffic. Just a local bus peacefully passes the house from time to time. It is “green”. It has a green color but is an ecological vehicle at the same time – maybe that is where the silence of its drive comes from.

The most important task of the day was to complete “find your grocery store” mission. Well, two attempts were needed until I spent first 100kr for some food which will hopefully help me to survive for few more days.  The store is about 35 minutes of walking and my (as well as other student’s) salvation is called Willy:s.



One kilogram of spaghetti for 7,70 SEK was a real bargain, however I have to find out what to serve spaghetti with for next few weeks.

I heard Sweden is a place, where lots of people bike to get around. Right on my first day I became convinced it is completely true. While I was walking to the store there were cars passing me all the time. I met other 4 people walking and at the same time almost as many people were biking as those driving cars. Another proof for popularity of bikes as a mean of transportation is the view next to the Uppsala Central Station. However the pictures shows just a minor fraction of all the bikes parked there and very similar situation is at any areas such as stores, houses of flats or student dorms.

In front of the Central Station

If New York is famous for its yellow taxis, in Uppsala yellow buses can take you pretty much anywhere not only within the city but also to areas in its proximity.

Late in the afternoon I talked to my parents for 1h 18min and realized that the light conditions barely changed during the call. While I am falling asleep in front of the computer screen, it still looks like 18:00 (6pm).


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