… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 2

Another beautiful morning! In this part of Uppsala it really does not look like the county’s fourth biggest city with 200 700 citizens. No matter how tiny the window of my room is, I get such a wonderful view:

All the common spaces such as corridor, bathrooms and kitchen are kept clean by students living here. The system is very simple: each week you are responsible for a different part of the property. The cleaning is done once a week at the weekend by the people whose turn it is. However, kitchen is a bit different story. There is always a lot of garbage to take care of, and surfaces like table, kitchen units and stove can get soiled pretty fast. Why am I giving this detailed report? Because it is my great pleasure to be the one accountable for keeping the kitchen in a satisfactory shape. I chose to start right with the surfaces and was surprised that the stove really used to be white. Later I got a microwave-interior encounter, which was an experience, too. I was occupied by these tasks for almost 1h 30min, but was worth that. During the cleaning time I met an African guy and a girl from Peru, who studies veterinary here.

Thanks to my new friends Mitra and Christoph I had a really unforgettable afternoon. There was a lot going on. We biked to a second-hand store called “Röda Korset” (Red Cross), where you can get almost everything for reasonable prices and usually in a highly satisfactory shape. From clothing and shoes to dishes, to books and CDs, to toys and pictures, to furniture. Christoph was very excited about the idea of going out and he was enjoying his self-repaired bike so much! As a result of that, after five minutes of biking, he admitted his excitement caused caused that he forgot to put his shoes on. My companions for today bought trousers, CDs for radio in the kitchen, pictures for living room at the dorms, a book to practice Swedish and a chair for Christoph’s room. Right from the beginning there was no doubt how to transport all the goods we got. Bikes was the choice and they worked so good for us! And I would swear it was also a fun for other people watching us: a barefoot guy riding his bike loaded with groceries and a chair on the top if it.

We ate our supper out, since it was so nice. However, the weather is still bit confusing to me. Although the thermometer shows 20 °C and it is so sunny, I do not feel very warm. I think wind might be due to wind, which seems to be much colder than in the Czech Republic.

For late afternoon a baking project was scheduled: sesame bread and onion-bacon bread, the later one being lazy to rise, so we will see what happens at the end of the day.


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