… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 3

Although it is Sunday I did some (more) cleaning right after the breakfast.  My nice companions had some plans, however the weather was not in favor of them. I looked for more information about Uppsala and it seems to be that the city has a lot to offer. If I want to get to know it, I should start my tours right the next weekend.

Tomorrow is my first working today, so I decided it would be nice to figure out where my workplace is located. The SLU is located in a direction I have not been to so far – exactly the other way than Willy:s, the grocery store. Google and its Maps helped me once again and although it estimated the way to take 33 minutes, I did it a bit faster. The route is very simple – just straight ahead for most of the time. I appreciated it for two reasons: it was close to impossible to get lost and furthermore and I could admire the landscape while my other eye was checking the quality of concrete. Yes, I definitely want to try roller blading next time!

On the Way to SLU

I have been to Sweden for about 45 hours and rain scared me for the first time. With first few raindrops I finally realized how dark the sky was and decided to go back. After a very simple lunch and some rest it was still pretty cloudy however without any rain at all. Why do not give it another try right now?

DSC_0063 DSC_0062

My first roller blading in Sweden was about 1h 30min and was rather an  exploration. Here are the results:

  • Roller blading to SLU is really nice and easy. The concrete is mostly satisfactory, quite a long stretch of the cycling/walking trail is made of the finest material and only few meters in 3/4 of the trail are not so nice. Finally, more than half of the way is down the hill. I made it from the door of my room to the main entrance of SLU BioCenter in only 15 minutes! Surprisingly enough, the way back to the dorms was not significantly harder, so I should consider roller blading to the lab few times a week. This finding can also save me in case I would oversleep.
  • Roller blading to Willy:s however, was not that great and I actually had to deal with the first obstacle only 200 meters from the dorms main entrance. That is where the sidewalk along the main road ends for some reason. After I crossed the road (barely any traffic there) I took a little detour, passed a school and did a little slalom among larch cones. This way I got to the trail leading to the store. Unfortunately I concluded I better give up only few minutes later. The subsequent part of the track led down the hill way too steeply and in addition to it, the surface was pretty rough.
  • Let’s try Lidl, which is a grocery store located in the same direction as SLU. It was a very nice and a bit hilly ride alongside road called ‘Dag Hammarskjölds väg’, south from the centre of Uppsala. The trail (as well as the road) went on and on and on, straight ahead. I wonder whether this road goes to Stockholm or even leads out of Sweden. I passed the other side of campus on my way, so now I know three different ways to SLU even though I haven’t spent a single hour working there. The sad part is that I missed the store again. However, it does not matter since it looks like I might have found a very nice place to go roller blading!

Swedish Memorial, I guess

Late in the afternoon I did some serious cooking for the first time here. Well, I tried. I called the outcome “spaghetti-tuna salad” and although it contained some more ingredients than only spaghetti and tuna I hope my art of cooking will improve at least a bit during few weeks.


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