… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 5

Another wonderful morning, although it was quite cooler. During the day it turned out to be pretty windy and as a result of that it was too cool to me to pretend it was summer.

I was supposed to start my working day between 9 and 9:15, an hour later than yesterday. However, I did not change my alarm settings in accord to that. For this reason I acted pretty fast in the morning, which woke me up and I even got to the lab on time. I met the group’s lab technician Cecilia, who was the only Swed in the group and of only few Swedish people in the whole people, and probably the whole building as well.

Till lunch I sterilized Arabidopsis seeds, which was followed my plating seeds on agar plates. Nothing super exciting, but it was quite nice to be working in the lab after a break few months long.

In the cafeteria, where we go for a lunch, it is possible to warm up my own food. It is a very nice place, equipped with anything I may possibly want to use, so all I need to bring is the food. The dish I cooked yesterday was really tasty, so I was really proud of my limited cooking skills that day!

Fried potatoes with broccoli, bell pepper and tunaAfter my delicious lunch I helped transferring some more seedlings from plates to pots. They have been transformed before, and after the selection they were not in the best shape. We can only hope at least some of them make to adult plants.

I returned to the dorms shortly after 6pm and pretty hungry. When I had taken care of that I decided to cook a lunch to take with my tomorrow – probably the last in this week. Since I had so much broccoli left, I decided to go for spaghetti with cheese-broccoli sauce. But how is a cheese sauce usually done? I discussed the problem with a very good friend of mine, Google, and I gave me whole bunch of recipes to choose from. As I had a very limited resource of ingredients, I decided to be bit brave and do it in my own way. The final result did not look so bad, so I am curious about its taste.

By the time I was done with the cooking, a party was about to start in the living room of my corridor. Ewa, a Polish Biology student who returned two days ago, was celebrating her birthday and invited everyone from the corridor. I wonderful chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries was served, as well as chocolate-coffee pudding, salad, crackers with French cheese and lots of beverages. Musical people  played the guitar a lot. Christoph was particularly good at that and he was even able to accompany his playing with lyrics he was creating right at the moment. Since he was singing mainly about people living at this corridor, I got a very nice and funny characteristics of each of them. This musical session was followed by some narrations about people, who left for their summer vacation. Some of the people were so popular and so much was told about them that I almost had a feeling I already met them.



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