… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 6

After another working day at SLU I am happy to announce I am getting better in finding my way around the institute, but only as long as I stay on the same floor.

With one more day over I have to write about the institute a bit, since there are two things that really impressed me and keep doing so again and again.

  1. Toilets. I wonder what the reason is, but the toilets here are unisex.
  2. Doors. They are automatic. This means I did not have to open a single door on my own so far, except for refrigiator door. However, it is not so easy – I am pushing buttons all the time and for some doors even two buttons are needed. They will not open, unless the buttons are pushed in the right order. So, I am trying…

My tasks for today included: genotyping (I have heard that term so many times but could never ever imagine how easy it can be – at lest for our purpose, which was to identify plants homozygous for one particular gene) and flower emasculation. The later one is nothing else but a testing of patience and manual dexterity.

My lunch for today was … not so good. It looked OK and smelled great but unfortunately its taste was far away what I hoped for. Let me share a traveler’s cooking tip with you: Gouda cheese is probably not the best one to do you cheese sauce.

Cheese sauce-broccoli spaghetti


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