… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 7

Oh, rainy morning! I was lucky enough to do most of the way before it started to rain intensively. The rain lasted for less than two hours and it stayed cloudy for the rest of the day.

I started my working day exactly in the I am supposed to do – with a cup of coffee. In the morning I did some more flower emasculation and I pollinated flowers emasculated two days ago. It was not so bad and I managed to do it quite fast. Hopefully all the flowers survive. After lunch I gave another try to genotyping since it did not work at all yesterday.

Lunch! I was informed about exceptionality of Thursday lunches right on the first of my internship, so I was aware I should not prepare my own lunch for today. However, the reality turned out to be much much better than my expectations were.

Wallins - Entrance The restaurant, where I am likely to have couple more tasty lunches, is called Wallins and located a bit farther from the BioCenter. I would say 10 to 15 minutes of walking. I could choose from 3 different main courses there and bacon with pineapple cubes (and rise as a side dish) made me really happy. I could take bread and salad as well, and most importantly pancakes with raspberry jam and whipped cream, and coffee were included in the price of 75kr. I wanted to pay with my Czech debit card, which has been working in Sweden without any troubles, but it did not work this time. So, Clément paid the lunch for me and I really cannot complain about that. Since the dish was really tasty I ate way to much, but with a long working day ahead it should do no harm. It made the lunch brake to be almost an hour and a half long today. Who is going to invite me next week?

Wallins RestaurantTwo cups of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate in a single day – I am becoming Swedish!


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