… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 8

Another windy and cold morning, but I roller bladed to the lab anyway.

At SLU everything is automatic. I suppose I said enough about doors there, however today I realized that even outdoor shades go up and down automatically. Since I was a bit cold for most of the day, I hated them when they went down just at the moment of sunshine entering the office.

I had a lunch for the first time at Logen Restaurant, located only few minutes from BioCenter. It is cheaper to buy ten lunch coupons at once, so that is what I did today.

Logen Lunch Tickets

For “only” 680kr, I do not have to cook nine times more. I checked the restaurant’s office the other day and got a false impression that a schnitzel would be served. However, I had to spend my first ticket for cutlet with fried potato slices. I did not like gravy so much, since its taste was too strong but after all it was a quite nice meal. Of course, coffee was included.

The genotyping worked finally and there was not so much to do – Come on, it is Friday! – so I left shortly before 5 pm. With my roller blades ready I decided to do my shopping in another Willy:s store, just opposite the Lidl store, where I spent my money last time. This one was a part of  the Gottsunda Shopping Center, and Subway, Deichmenn and whole bunch of other stores and restaurants were nearby. I tried to use one of their shopping carts, but was rather disappointed: none of Czech coins I have here fitted, so I had to be fine with only shopping basket. The good thing was that it still had wheels to be pulled on the floor and also was big enough. After all shopping with my skates in it was not so bad as I expected. Roller blading to do my shopping surely saved me a lot of time, however I am not sure I want to do it again. Unless I can find a bit better way how to get there…

On the way back I tried to do so already, but was not very successful. I was searching for some trail leading in the right direction for quite some time. I would not be surprised if Swedish eggs I bought traveled much more with me than was the distance from hen coop to the Willy:s. I did kind of a detour and finally had to return and deal with gravel on the trail – unfortunately taking the skates off was the only way. The positive outcome, however, was that I might have found a very nice place where to go roller blading next time.

Beautiful Sweden and Horses

To conclude, this day showed me how deep I could fall: I used my beloved roller blades not only as a mean of transport but also to carry my shopping.

Another 90 kr gone..


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