… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 10

Yesterday trip made me more tired than I expected, so I stayed in bed as long as I wished: until 8 am. Since I did so much walking yesterday I did not go to store in the way back to the dorms (as I had planned) and as a result of that I found myself this morning without anything to be eaten for breakfast. Fortunately Czech instant oatmeal mix saved me once again.

A milestone of my stay was doing the laundry for the first time – for the first time completely on my own, for the first time so fur in the north. Whoever was using the washing machine before, he probably canceled the washing after a while. As soon as I closed the door of washing machine, it started doing its job immediately. Anyway the washing was done in less than two hours and all my stuff seemed quite OK. I could not see any changes in color or size, it looked cleaned and smell looked all right as well. The next step was drying. Since dryer had significantly less buttons I hoped it would be easier to control the machine. I was wrong but after all I got my clothing in quite satisfactory shape back, although I barely understood any laundry-related Swedish.

Washing MachineWashing Machine DetailNext item on the list was cooking. I looked forward to it, since I would finally get rid of broccoli I bought last week. Potatoes which were tasty already, got even tastier thanks to caraway from Willy:s. I hoped for something bit more spicy, so I bough pepper as well. To be honest I though I did, however I spent 4,95kr for something completely different – cinnamon. I know these two are really hard to confuse, but things are bit different when there is no picture on the wrap and all the information come in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian only. Pepper is called peppar in Swedish and I could feel that a package with the right labeling contained whole pepper balls. Right next to it there was a package labeled as pepparkakskryddor and I was so sure it was pepper in its powder form. And I was so shocked when I opened it and could smell no pepper but cinnamon!

After lunch I walked to grocery story to give the pepper another try and also to get something for breakfast for next couple of days. This time I got vhitpepper and I keep hoping it is so called “white pepper”. To solve my breakfast problem, I decided to go for apricot jam. We will see how well it works with Swedish salty butter and wanna be bread. While going through their huge parking lot, I spotted few places reserved for families. I wonder whether it is meant for people with baby carriage only, but I like the idea anyway.

Family Parking PlaceOn the way to Willy:s I stopped at IKEA. What would it be like to be in Sweden for seven weeks and not visit IKEA at all?

IKEA in UppsalaIt was a huge store with two floors and its own restaurant. Being lost there, I was forced to learn two more Swedish words: ingång meaning entrance and utgång meaning exit.

By the way, I needed couple of thing anyway: a mug (mugg) so I am more Swedish during the upcoming weeks (means drinking even more coffee), and a pillow (kudde). I got them both for quite reasonable price.

IKEA Mug and PillowI also paid there in cash for the first time in Sweden – except for buying the bus ticket from airport to Uppsala. So, when being in Sweden for 10 days I had some Swedish coins in my hands for the first time. The dimensions of 5kr coin really impressed me: it is thick but so large at the same time.

Swedish Krona ObverseSwedish Krona Reverse SideMy bill collection grew bigger as well:Swedish Krona BillsOn my way from IKEA I crossed a railroad and since it looked differently than what I am used to I had to take picture of it. Please focus on the metal sign above the railroad crossing: Livsfarlig ledning, which should mean something as “lethal lining”. I assume it is related to the wires above.

Railroad crossingToday I felt for the first like in the summer, so I chose to go roller blading before supper. It was a great thing to do, because the weather stayed very nice for the whole time and I found an almost perfect place for roller blading. Most of the trails went through woods there and since there were so many of them I can keep exploring them for a long time. One of them led to Gottsunda Shopping Centre (grocery stores Lidl and Willy:s are located there) by the way. I also got to a residential area of the city, so I could have a look how Swedes live. Most of the area consisted of row houses, which were not too big, however all of them had a very nice garden. Most of the people were enjoying themselves out having a BBQ. Those, who lived in apartments buildings, had an outside seating prepared as well. I liked how many playgrounds there were on a quite small place, all of them in a very nice condition. Once again I could see that no matter where you live, the “must have” thing is a bike. It was just crowded with bikes next to every single house: like 6 bikes parked next to a family house seemed as nothing unusual to me. Today I also found out how hilly Uppsala is. Lots of the trails are winding as well, so for the first time in my life I enjoy going down the hill less than going up the hill.


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