… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 11

Today I had to be in the lab at 8am, at the earliest time so far, so I chose to roller blade there. I spent most of the morning in the basement of SLU, having an introduction to confocal microscopy. It was dark and freezing there, however it was worth being there: it seemed that with confocal I would be able to see almost anything and also to do plenty of changes in my snapshots – from section on micrometer scale, to movies, to 3D visualizations and highlighting structures with artificial colors.

Since the introduction was almost 3 hours long, we decided it was not worth to start doing anything, so we had a cup of coffee in the meantime.

After lunch (a homemade one in my case), Clément took care of an invited speaker from Australia (however British originally) who was giving a talk today afternoon. The talk was interesting, yet to complicated to me to understand it well. When the talk was over at about 3pm we concluded it was time to start working finally. We did some more emasculation, prepared couple of Arabidopsis plants for harvesting and at 5pm I was released.

Being back at the dorms so early, I decided to cook my lunch for tomorrow. It was also an opportunity whether the package of spices I had bought last time was really pepper. I smelled the content not too carefully, which brought tears into my ears and clear message to my brain: Pepper!

Vitpeppar/White PepperAfter I finished cooking, did the dishes and ate something for supper I decided to go downtown. It was a very beneficial trip, since I was able to get postcards and stamps at Pressbyrån (a store pretty much like newsagent). It was a quite small store but nevertheless the lady working there spoke perfect English. Once again I was impressed how easy it can be to live in Sweden without knowing a single Swedish word.

PostcardsIt is quite interesting, how it works with stamps here. I did not have to go to post-office to get stamps good for sending postcards abroad at all. The other thing which makes life easier is that the stamp is still the same no matter if I want to send my postcards to European country or anywhere else on the globe. I guess that is why the price of a stamp is 12kr.



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