… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 12

Wonderful morning again! Today I was supposed to be in the lab at about 9am as usually, however Clément did not make it. When I found myself having nothing to do on the computer I started searching for him intensively. However, nobody in the group knew about him. Since everyone was more-less busy with experiments and did not need my help, I went for a cup of hot milk chocolate and then decided to spend the time doing anything at least a bit meaningful: the choice was to do couple of IELTS reading exercises. This kept me occupied till lunch, although Clément showed up around 11am. “I am really sorry but I had a hard time getting up this morning. I hope it will not happen but could you give me your number, just in case?”

In the morning a cleaning boy came asking whether we needed any cleaning in the office. He tried in Sweden but as soon as he realized he would not get any answer he switched to fluent English! To be honest it does not make much sense to me to clean at the time of the day, when most people are in. Nevertheless, I was once again impressed that everyone speaks English here.

Yesterday attempt to do something similar to ‘spaghetti carbonara’ worked out not so bad, although I did not put any garlic and cheese into the dish. The lunch was very pleasant since we could eat out and it was really nice out there.

Limited Edition of Spaghetti CarbonaraAfter lunch I spent some more time waiting – this time for Duarte. Finally we got to work: picking up a little bit of Arabidopsis leaves to use for DNA isolation. After all the emasculation and pollination done last week I really enjoyed working in a Molecular Biology lab. When this was done I had my second cup of chocolate and went home.

I tried to cook something for tomorrow lunch, but I do not have very high expectations this time. Part of the dish was rice, which turned out to be extremely viscous, a kind of rice pudding. I had a feeling I cooked to much of it, so I took little portion right away and mixed it with apricot jam. For the first time my supper was followed by a dessert!

Ride Pudding with Apricot Jam and a Peach


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