… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 13

Cloudy, cold, windy and drizzling.

Cloudy, Windy and Cold Uppsala

I wonder how it is possible that it was so nice weather yesterday and from all of the sudden, today it feels like fall rather than summer. Nevertheless I was still able to walk to SLU and had some companions on the way:

Yellow Little Snail Stripes SnailToday has been the most effective working day so far. Most of the morning I was working independently: flower emasculation and pollination. In the afternoon I had a chance to be a molecular biologist once again: genotyping using PCR which meant lots of pipetting.

My lunch for today was not one of the best but still edible:

Beans with Rice Pudding

On the way come I was pretty freezing which was in a strong contrast with people passing me on their bikes. People wearing shorts and/or T-shirts were not an unusual phenomenon. I formulated two hypotheses: 1) everyone, who survives winter in Sweden gets cold hardy. 2) Summer is so short here that people have to pretend it is summer during the months of July and August, no matter what the weather actually is like. Anyway, I appreciated a hot soup as soon as I got to the dorms and a cup of tea later on.


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