… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 14

Finally sunny again, however still too cold for me. I roller bladed to the job and started my day with a cup of coffee which I drank with Clément.

I spent most of the day doing some more PCRs and since it did not work out very well, the genotyping story will be continued tomorrow. I hoped for a lunch at the pancake place, however we decided for the Logen Restaurant, where we normally go, and it was a great choice. Baked potatoes with ham and rucolasalat cream were served, and together with salad it was lots of tasty food, of course followed by a cup of coffee.

I had my roller blades with, so I decided to do some shopping on the way home. Well, it was not really on my way but rather a huge detour: from SLU to Lidl (at Gottsunda) and then to the dorms (Ulleråkersvägen) finally – “only” about 10 km.

Shopping Route: From SLU to Lidl to the dormsAfter all the weather got much more pleasant, so it turned out to be a very nice ride. Moreover, I got most of the staff I planned to buy as well as some I did not, but which came in handy: e. g. a loaf a very dark bread and delicious herb creamy spread to put on the bread. I am sure this made the best supper in the whole week, although it is only Thursday! I also could not resist Jelly Beans, which I have never seen in a Czech store, neither in Vienna last summer. So, I now can better prepare for my next destination…

Jelly BeansBefore eating my perfect supper I went to do some more roller blading exploration. After a short ride through a forest I got downtown and could continue along the river for a while, passed my favorite Willy:s grocery stored and somehow returned to the dorms, making it nice 8 km.

Afternoon Skating Route: Downtown, Willy:sSince half of the way led trough forests and meadows I was not surprised to see some animals, this time rabbits. However what I could barely believe was their size – they were huge.

Huge Uppsala Rabbits

More down town I had this wonderful view:

Along the River in the AfternoonLots of people were walking, running or just enjoying the sun while feeding birds. There was a “strong quartet” getting every single bread crumb in a sort of synchronized way: seagulls, ducks, pigeons and occasional jackdaws.

Although there were some nice surroundings along the way and the road/biking trail was not so bad, I still hope for finding a better way. Especially the leg from Willy:s to the dorms was quite a pain.


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