… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 15

Sunny and a bit warmer morning again! So, it was very pleasant to walk to SLU today.

Except for weather improvement and lunch at Logen nothing worth mentioning happened today. Until 6pm! At that time I decided to finish my shopping. This will not only keep my weekend and hopefully also the upcoming week shopping-free, but most importantly trip to Willy:s provided me with couple of photography opportunities.

While searching for a cooking/shopping inspiration at Willy:s, I discovered there these groceries:

“Alpska juka”…


… and “Fasolka po bretaňsku”.


May that be an influence of Czech-Polish cuisine so far in the north?

At that time summer arrived to Uppsala, so for the first time I could use my sandals and moreover wear an undershirt. To honor this extraordinary moment (Who knows how long it may last?) and also to celebrate two weeks of working here, I bough myself a popsicle for 7kr. It was called Piggelin, looked dangerously green color and I had no idea about its flavor.

Greenish Popsicle from Willy:s. Let's celebrate summer!

On the way to Willy:s there is a bridge across the Fyrisån River, the only river in the city. I have no idea whether this bridge has any name and I would also never ever expect it to get “opened” and allow ships to continue their way on the river. Yet, it happened right today. Unfortunately I got stuck right on the side of the bridge facing the strong afternoon sun, which of course had a negative impact on quality of pictures and videos I did.

Bridge Opens

And finally here comes the view of the week:

Fridge Full of Beer

That is what happens when a refrigerator is shared with only two German guys…


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