… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 16

Saturday was started with a bit of chores: laundry.

When this was done I tried to cook something edible for lunch. Fortunately my dish was simple and I did not need to use our oven. Otherwise it might be a problem:

Broken Oven Door

Broken Oven Door

Any ideas how a damage like this could happen?

Anyway, at 1pm I left for exploring more of Uppsala and I got a perfect weather for my trip. I was not the only one enjoying it: people, who were not on vacation, were cycling, running, sailing their boats, fishing and sunbathing.

While walking along the Fyrisån river I probably reached a favorite place of local fishermen. That part of river bank was just crowded with men (and one woman) doing their best to catch some fish. Their spots seemed to me to in somewhat regular distance to each other. It took my couple of minutes until I realized the fishing spots were marked by little red sign with number. Knowing the system I can report that on Saturday beautiful afternoon at least 15 out of 20 spots were occupied.

Although I had never seen so many people fishing at once, I paid most of my attention to houseboats nearby.

Tiny “houses” silently standing on the Fyrisån’s surface made me to take dozens of pictures: some of the houseboats were really old, while others were in bright colors and well preserved. The one looking like a little cottage from a Czech fairy tale, moreover decorated with flowers, was my favorite:

Houseboat Like from a Fairy Tale

In the neighborhood there was Stadsträdgården, where lots of people were sunbathing either on benches there or on deckchairs and blankets they brought for this purpose. Although there were so many people, the park was kept very clean.

Pond of Water LilliesDesk and Chair. Natural Edition

After having rest next to such a wonderful (however temporary, I guess) study room, I headed to Uppsala slott (Uppsala Castle). This was not hard to find, since it was located on the top of a hill above the rest of city. The bit tricky part was to climb there in such a hot day. However, it definitely was worth that: an outstanding view of Uppsala was a great reward, domkyrka (cathedral) being just an icing on the cake.

Uppsala Cathedral

The castle itself was a very nice place. I liked its pink walls and two bastions next to it. The later ones were actually the only proof that the place was originally built to keep Swedish king safe. The other bit disappointing thing was that the building was way too well preserved and looked too new. Simply nothing indicated at all that the castle’s history dates back to 1540’s.Uppsala slott

One of the bastions…


… and Gunilla Bell, which got outside of the castle when the building was damaged by fire. The bell was used to impose curfew.

Gunilla Bell

Old and bumpy stairs led me straight from the castle to the heart of Botaniska trädsgården (Botanical garden), where battery of my camera finally lost its remaining power, forcing me to think about getting back to the dorms. Since it was so hot there, I did not mind it a lot.

Taking a stroll away from the “must see” locations is always a good idea, since you may get to places as nice as the famous sites are. In this part I was particularly successful today:

The first picture was taken specially for my Daddy. Does it resemble anything you know so well?

An Old House

DSC_0143 DSC_0141

And an unexpected conclusion of already great day came during my last 20 minutes of walking back to the dorms: for the first time in my life I saw a fox in the free nature.

Today I fell in love with the country completely – well, at least with its “summer face”. Thank you Sweden!


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