… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 18

I got up bit earlier, so I could finish my lunch. This time I searched for an inspiration on the Internet and I have to say immodestly that my recipe was surely better the original one.

Egg omelet filled with ham, cheese, meadow mushrooms and bit of onion:

1. The cooking halftime…

Egg Omelet Preparation

2. … and finished dish.

Egg Omelet DOne

The second one was nicer but both tasted just great. Indeed, I was proud of outcome of this cooking attempt. While I was eating at Logen, people were asking me whether it was on the menu today! “No? Otherwise I would like to have this instead of spaghetti with vegetable.”

What happens when your boss is out office? After the lunch break has been 45 minutes long: “Shall we go?” “No, I’m fine.” Ten minutes later: “We are in no rush, there is no one to see us not working today.” Another 5 minutes later: “Should we go?” “I don’t think so.” “OK, I’m taking a nap.” I love working hours in Sweden.

Even though it was not easy to leave the Logen and get back to the lab, I was working really hard today – not super hard, but for sure it has been the most effective day so far. Moreover, without a single cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Let’s send my hälingen (greetings) both to the south and southwest of Uppsala, let’s send them to other states and continents.

Swedish PostboxMy Greetings


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