… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 19

The beginning of the day was a Swedish one once a again: cup of coffee exactly at 9:30am.

In regard to lunch, I was bit more modest than yesterday. Yet the dish made my tummy happy.

Rice with Field Muschrooms and Corn

The funny part was that there were no “regular size” plates available to warm up my lunch in the microwave, so I had to find a way how to solve the problem. I went for two “salad plates” of smaller size and got lots of appreciation from my colleagues. We ate our lunch outside, which was really nice but as long as I had my sweatshirt on. Enjoying the sun made our lunch brake about an hour long.

My Swedish nightmare came true this afternoon. However a bit longer introduction is needed. Although Sweden is one of countries with the lowest crime rate, I was recommended to use a lockable drawer in my office. For two weeks I was afraid of forgetting my keys there and realizing in front of dorms main entrance. On my 12th working day it finally happened. Fortunately I realized before leaving the institute, which saved me an hour long walk.

By the time I leave the lab and walk back to the dorms, it usually gets warmer and wind calms down. Today was no exception and I really enjoyed walking from the institute.

Uppsala at 5:30pm:

Afternoon in Uppsala

I cooked my lunch for tomorrow right after getting “home” and since I have not been roller blading for 4 days now, I decided to change this lazy attitude. I do not think I had ever been roller blading so late and still with so much light.

Uppsala at 9pm:

Evening in Uppsala


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