… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 20

I am afraid my working days in Uppsala are getting closer and closer to a routine. Yet two incidents of the day are worth mentioning: lunch and consequences of serious working in a lab.

For today lunch I decided to give a try to fiskpinnar, fish fingers/sticks, and vegetable mix. Considering it was a cheap and ready-to-cook meal it was not too bad: the fish was not a carp and tasted all right, and Orient style frozen vegetable mix was also OK, although I did not like its smell so much. After all, side-dish was the best part of my meal: mashed potatoes. This was also the only part of the dish I truly cooked and not only warmed up a frozen stuff.

Fish Fingers with Mashed Potatoes

Of work now: yes, I was working today. Considering it was Sweden and moreover July, I might have been working way too much. I spent four hours in the afternoon mostly with pipetting and opening tubes, the most basic tasks of a Molecular Biologist, and still I had not been prepared enough for that. My wrist is in pain because of pipetting and my thumb is in pain because of opening the tubes. It is only two more days until weekend, so I will have time to recover soon. After all, I do not need my thumb to take pictures so much and my point-finger is doing just fine, thus there should be no tragic consequences.


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