… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 21

Since 5am I was looking forward to a lunch at the pancake place, Wallins. What an unpleasant surprise awaited us! At noon, after seven hours of hoping for two pancakes with jam and whipped cream, we found out that the place would be closed till August 9. Welcome to Sweden! It is July, you are supposed to take your vacation now! As Wallins is closed these days as well, there remained only one out of four restaurants opened for several weeks. This reflects, how many workers are left here during the summer, very well.

Our tour for lunch continued through whole campus to Logen, restaurant where we usually go. Once again, I was quite lucky with my choice: chicken with soy sauce (and with carrot and sesame seeds) and jasmine rice. Honestly, it is not so hard to make a fair decision: with only two dishes offered, the chances are fifty-fifty. Of course, the dish was followed by a cup of coffee, which is delicious there.

Clément did not show up until after lunch, but I still had plenty to do: more and more genotyping kept me busy whole morning and genotyping agony continued also in the afternoon. Also some of the stuff I did today has to be repeated in next few days, I think I was a very productive worker today and still managed to have a second cup of coffee in the afternoon.

Clément is starting his vacation tomorrow and is not going to be at work until Wednesday. I suppose he will enjoy his time in Instanbul, however plants do not have so much understanding: they will not stop flowering, producing seeds and getting dry just because it is July…Therefore, I got couple of tasks to take care about. Right now I will finally see how independent I can be, and how well I can remember and plan my responsibilities.

I decided to cook lunch for tomorrow and I did so right after I got back to the dorms. Being finished at 7pm and eating little supper in the meantime, I went roller blading early in the evening. The ride was about an hour long this time; at some points it was successful, at others not so nice. The good think was I found a way how to got very downtown in only 20 minutes, however hilly terrain and gravel and tiles here and there, without any warning, made not so enjoyable. Although I do not think I will ever do the same route again, I was lucky enough to take some pictures.

A statue near the Carolina Redivia, the main building of Uppsala University Library. I could not find any notice with a description, but I would say it was a statue of a local poet, who lived couple of centuries ago:

Statue of a PoetDetailed looked on the Library building. The University needed more and more space, so the building was constantly growing and as a result of that the whole complex is a “collage” of architectural styles. This part of the building looked as the newest one:

Carolina Redivia-Modern Part DetailOn the way back I made it to the Uppsala Arkivcentrum (Archive), which I considered to be an interesting building:

Uppsala ArkivcentrumI was impressed what a great bike garage they had there. I guess it is the most cozy bike parking lot in the whole city of Uppsala:

Bike GarageIn addition to some more pictures, the ride gave me two lessons:

  1. In Uppsala everyone bikes: age, occupation, pregnancy, time of the day and reason of biking being no issues. However, until today I have not seen anyone from Asia biking.
  2. Exactly three weeks after my arrival I also met the first person roller blading as well. However, this guy was cheating. He was using “wannabe cross country skiing sticks”, the same as those people skiing on short ski with four wheels use.

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