… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 22

Here is the recipe for a better sleep, if too much light during the summer is a problem for you: late afternoon roller blading in a hilly terrain. This makes me nicely tired at the end of the day, so I can sleep much longer. Today I made it almost till 7am!

For lunched I cooked spaghetti with sausage, tomatoes and corn. I liked it, but I was too generous about the size of the portion. So, part of the dish made the way to SLU as well as back, while I was skating both time.

Spaghetti with Sausage, Tomatoes and Corn

Conditions for skating were significantly different in the morning and in the afternoon: while I went down the hill and with tailwind in the morning, on the way back getting up the hill was even more difficult thanks to headwind. The same way took me 15 minutes in the morning (including taking the roller blades off), but the return way was almost 30 minutes long and I was breathing like an old buffalo.

Duarte started plant transformation yesterday, so we continued this project a bit today in the afternoon. I asked him how long it might take until we get our transformed plants. Couple of weeks if everything goes well, was the answer. We will see how far we get by the end of my stay in Sweden.

In the afternoon, while waiting for bacteria to grow, I went to have a cup of coffee in the institute. What a surprise! The coffee machine was out of order. I would never expect this can happen in Sweden. After all it was not a big deal, another “coffee corner” (i. e. a coffee machine, or two, or three and a table with chairs and sofa) was only about 20 meters further. It seems that coffee is truly essential.

I ended my working day, and another week (I cannot believe how fast the time flows!), at 4pm. “It is 4pm, I think you should go home. It is Friday.” Being done so early and moreover having my roller blades with, fitted my plan very well: I bough a bus ticket for my tomorrow trip and went shopping to Willy:s, too. I bought lots of groceries, most of them from categories “easy to use” and “lasting forever”, so hopefully my life will be bit easier for next few weeks. Some of the frozen ready-to-cook meals did not look so bad, so why not give it a try?

I was happy to get a loaf of bread that was baked yesterday. I think it is nice to know not only the best before date, but also when the bread was baked. To be frank I am a little bit tired of the local bread. I tried several kinds already and most of them tasted somewhat sweet to me and the dough was not as dark and as dense as I am used to. So, I tried gör gott bulle (some kind of a good pastry? Literally translated the name means something like “do a good bun”). Anyway, they should be sufficient to commemorate another finished working week and prevent me from starving during my trip.

Fresh Rostbröd

Pastry called gör gott bulle

Since I miss my Mom’s pies and cakes. Therefore, I decided to finally get some compensation. “Fikadags! Chokladdrömmar” happened to be the choice. These “anytime! Chocolate dreams” cookies were advertised as brittle and sweet, and do not taste bad at all. Except for lots of chocolate I could taste coconut and maybe bit of caramel as well, and I can highly recommend this treat. Sweden can be tasty!

Chocolate Dreams, the Cookies

Let’s get some proper sleep!


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