… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 25

Yesterday I was not able to do my washing, but at least I could book a washing date for today at 6pm. This gave me a good reason to roller blade to the institute. I also used my roller blades as a mean of transport to help me carry some more stuff to my office. At the very beginning of my fourth working week at SLU, I improved my working environment a bit. I brought a plate, so I do not have use two tiny salad plats to serve my meal, and also a package of biscuits to help me survive the time between lunch and 5pm-5:30, where I usually leave the lab.


Considering it was Monday, I worked too much, but I also enjoyed my lunch a lot. The groceries I needed to get rid of, were just perfect to prepare tomato-pepper stew. When preparing the dish yesterday, I started with frying onion and ham, then added canned tomatoes and a pepper. I originally did not plan to add cheese, as my Mom would do. However, since the result was so tasty and changed my mind – it would be a pity to degrade the meal so much! Although its look was not great it was surprisingly tasty.

Tomato-pepper Stew

Later in the afternoon I started to believe there must be the “Goddess of the Laundry”. My washing troubles were about to continue and I was positive she did not want me to have my laundry done. I did a mistake yesterday and booked the washing machine for Sunday instead of Monday. This uncomfortable situation helped me to find a third washing machine in the basement, which was – luckily! – available to be used. Right after starting the washing program I remembered I had not put a washing gel capsule inside. My struggle continued with trying to open the door of the washing machine. I have no idea what the trick was to made it open, but after all I was finally able to start the washing. Hurrah!


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