… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 26

The worst day so far:boring tasks to do, cold, windy, and terribly hungry before I got back to the dorms.

I spent most of the afternoon in the basement of the institute inhaling acetic acid and ethanol of different concentrations. Do not worry Mom, I am still a scientist and not a sniffer.

Although I had a great lunch I was quite starving for my last working hour. This forced me to make my way to the dorms extremely fast. Awfully cold wind helped some, too. The strong and chilly wind also spoiled my roller blading plans. On the other hand, it provided me with a chance to clean my room finally.

After all, the highlight of the day was my lunch, so why not to write more about it. I bought a pre-cooked, frozen Wiener Schnitzel in Lidl some time ago and now, its time has come. It was probably the first grocery with ingredients list and cooking instruction printed in English, besides all the Scandinavian languages. Considering it was a frozen, ready-to-cook meal its taste was highly satisfactory. And finally, it was a big portion, so the second half is already prepared for Thursday. The side-dish for today was a “light version” of mashed potatoes. Since I ran out of milk, its mashed look was the only thing which made it mashed potatoes.

Ready-to-cook Wiener Schnitzel


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