… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 27

Wednesday gave me a chance to do some different techniques than I have been using recently: little bit of working with bacteria in the morning and microscopy in the afternoon.

I never enjoyed my microscopy classes, so I was curious to know whether I would like it more in Sweden. Since I was using fluorescence microscopy this time, it was after all much more fun. Seeds shining in green and red, and red tissues around made it rather an artistic than scientific experience. However preparing the samples was not so joyful: closed in the basement, pulling tiny seeds out of tiny siliques under a stereomicroscope, and sealing the specimens with a nail polish (looks like continuation of my sniffing career).

Arabidopsis flowers are tiny ones (comparison with nail of my little finger), testing my patience almost daily:

Arabidopsis Flowers

Prepared samples must not dry out and nail polish seems to be a good protection. I do not think color of used polish makes any difference:

Sealed Sample

I cannot resist devoting one paragraph to my lunch, as I had the improved version of ready-to-cook ravioli in tomato sauce. I drained the sauce and added it to fried onion and field mushrooms, and poured some cream to the mix. Thanks to the cream, the taste got much nicer. However, the best result provided some more salt and lots of pepper. This fully beaten the original funny taste of the sauce, yet leaving the creamy taste noticeable. Although the final dish was not as great as the schnitzel I had the day before, I would never ever expect such a grand outcome.

Can you see the “Pride” logo on the can? I wonder what would be the taste of a food the company was not proud of…

Improved Ravioli

I ended my day with bit more than an hour of roller blading. The track I chose was hilly, however of quite nice quality. I was glad to be out between 8:30 and 9:30pm, since this was probably the nicest hour of the day: nicely warm, sunny and almost no wind.


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