… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 28

What a wonderful morning in Uppsala: sunny and nicely warm, beautifully blue sky without a single cloud! Unfortunately, a long working day did not give me many chances to enjoy. So, I can only hope weather like this lasts over the weekend as well.

I spent quite some part of morning waiting for Clément, since he had been already closed in the basement and visualizing his samples with confocal microscope when I finally got to the office. Finally? Yes, I had to return to my room after few minutes of walking because I forgot my SLU card. This card is a “must have” and without it I would have been lost: I would not have been able to enter the building, to get to my department, to use elevator. On the other hand, I would have been allowed to stay outside and enjoy the sun. However, I guess this is not exactly what I am paid for.

I joined Clément to do some pollination with him, however we did not started before 11am. That is why I did not join others for lunch. Doing the work bees usually do during the noon, I had my lunch later than usually and also changed the location, and it turned out to be a good choice. Since a had my lunch around 1pm a did not have to deal with starving before reaching the dorms, and I also enjoyed having the lunch at a seating on the third floor. If I had wished, I could have had my lunch even outside. However, even inside the building it was really nice and I appreciated the wview I had. The campus itself, with lots of construction work going on these days, was not so exciting but the bluest sky ever was amazing.

Lunch at BioCenter 3rd Floor

Thanks to having my lunch there, I could check what a great facilities SLU employees have: well equipped kitchen including washing machine and stove/oven, and lots of microwaves to warm up the lunch. It was sort of funny to heat up my lunch there, since I just put it in one of the microwaves and when I returned it was not so easy to find my dish there:


It was simple to cook my lunch for today: grab the left overs of schnitzel I had few days ago. I could not think about anything better than potatoes as a side-dish, however I tried a different way of preparation: something between stewed, fried and baked, and I also added a bit of the Asia style vegetable of funny smell:

Schnitzel with Vegetable Potatoes

As I passes three coffee machine standing one next to each other on the way back to the lab, I gave it a try. For the first time this week, which is not very Swedish. I made a decision it was time for a change and went for cappuccino this time. This was a great decision! The beverage contained lots of milk giving it very nice flavor and the foam on the top was just perfect. I promised to myself whenever I have coffee again at SLU, I will not betray cappuccino.

First Cappuccino at SLU

The decision to have a cup of coffee before starting to work was a good one for another reason: a long afternoon was ahead, although I had no idea at that time. I spent some time preparing slides for fluorescence microscopy again and than it was time to help Clément replanting little Arabidopsis seedlings. It took quite some time to prepare pots and lots of effort and patience to plant seedling which were not bigger than a half of a jelly bean candy. I took care of 150 of them and left the institute  almost at 6:30pm.

It was a joy to walk to the dorms and I did enjoy the Swedish sun. As soon as I got to the dorms, I had my supper and cooked lunch for tomorrow immediately. This allowed me to go at least for a short, about 45 minutes long, roller blading ride. Although I went out at around 8pm, it was still so nice. It really surprised me how warm it was and how much sunshine we were got so late.


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