… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 32

Monday morning began with true fika, a coffee break, even before the five of us who gathered for this truly Swedish moment started to work. The warm-up of new week was rather easy: just some more PCR which I should be quite good at, since I have done so many of them.

Monday lunch was the least successful cooking experience so far.

Field Mushroom SauceSince I had a can of field mushrooms opened for few days now, I concluded it was time to get rid of it. After bit of searching on-line I decided to go for field mushroom sauce. It should have been originally served with pasta. However, I went for rice instead since there are some pasta dishes on my weekly menu already.

Although I  followed the recipe, the result was not very good. As I tasted the sauce when it was finished, I tried to improve its taste with adding some garlic. This way the dish got at least bit spicier, but the major flavor remained rather creamy. It was not a very enjoyable lunch today.

I was busy working whole afternoon: mainly flower emasculation and some preparation of specimens for microscopy. The first hour of preparing samples under the stereomicroscope was a hard time for me. Although I had never had a problem before, this time I was terribly shaky. It was so hard to do a straight section and I was so glad I have not decided for the career of a surgeon! Was it too much coffee or a symptom of coffee deficiency? In regard to microscopy, I checked the last third of samples hoping for a GFP signal, however there was none, so I at least went for another cup of cappuccino. Ending my day in complete darkness and at about 5:30 it was time to leave.

My supper was followed by a little dessert today: Turkish yoghurt with an apple and slice of knäckebröd which seemed to be a healthy treat. However, 10% content of fat in the yoghurt of a great taste made me to change my opinion slightly.

Today it was a bit harder to sleep well. I wondered whether it was the two cups of coffee I had today, someone cleaning his/her room with a vacuum cleaner almost at midnight or people having fun even later on.


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