… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 33

I got seriously scared barely half an hour after I got up. While I was preparing my breakfast I could hear weird noises from all of the sudden. I identified them as cooking-related ones, bur it was only me in the kitchen. Can it be a cup of milk I am warming up in the microwave? I stopped the microwave, yet the noises continued and were getting louder and louder. It made me to find their source as fast as I could. Someone was cooking rise at 8am (the question was not “why” but “how long”) in a well-hidden electric pot and apparently forgot about it. There was a mess of over boiled grains, boiling water and funny looking foam everywhere.

Today I started working already 30 to 45 minutes after my arrival to the institute. However, the life of my effort was unbelievably short.  A very nice Russian Ph.D. student returned for about a week and she arrived with lots of different French cookies as well as delicious chocolate for us. Therefore, at 11am there was a “group fika“, which kept us busy till lunch time.

The dish I prepared for my lunch was rather disappointing. Again. Fortunately this time it was only the look of the dish, which did not work out so well. The plan was to cook a “potato tortilla”, however I ended up with a yellowish substance from potatoes and eggs. I wonder if the author of the recipe ever tried to follower his/her instructions. The look of the dish was so unsatisfactory that I even forgot to take a picture of it. In the morning I prepared fast tomato salad to go with it, which improved the look a lot.

Today lunch break was even longer than usually, so in the afternoon I had less than four hours of working left. I spent most of the time searching for my supervisors, but I also worked some: harvesting siliques again and plating seeds of Arabidopsis lines expressing GFP in their seeds. I was finished exactly at 5pm, which is the time when I am usually asked to finish my tasks and get ready to leave the institute. However, this time I desperately hoped for more and more stuff to do, since it was raining so much.

There was nothing more to be done, so I decided to wait a bit hoping the rain would stop. When I read even the most boring news and stars gossips, I checked puddles at the parking lot across the street. The rain density looked to be much much lower, and therefore I decided to use the opportunity. By the time I started out, it was just drizzling a bit. However, within couple of minutes it started raining more and more, so I reached the dorms pretty soaked. No matter how hungry I was I went directly to the bathroom to have a shower.

Cloudy Uppsala

For tomorrow lunch, a ready-to-cook dish is scheduled. Since 10 minutes of warming up in a microwave is no cooking, I was hoping I would have lots of free time to go roller blading. However, the weather did not cooperate and all I could do was sitting in my little room, staring out of the tiny window and chewing an apple. I was amazed how fast the weather changed and how dark it could be already at 7pm.

Grönsaks (vegetable) lasagna ready to be put into a microwave:

Ready-to-cook Lasagna

The highlight of the dark evening was a little treat I could try. An advantage of staying in a company of people from all around the world is that you may have a chance to taste new food without traveling thousand of kilometers.That was how I got to know pistachios in rosewater, apparently a Persian candy that should be served with tee. At the beginning I was bit doubtful, since it looked too much like worms. I could not recognize much of the pistachio flavor and it took me few more pieces to get used to the taste of rosewater. After all I started to like it so much that it can, alongside coffee, easily get my second Swedish addiction.

Pistachios in Rosewater


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