… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 34

Today I was working in a very Swedish way: fika in the morning, long lunch break, fika in the afternoon and little bit of work in between. In regard to my work, I just did some more pollination and plated Arabidopsis seeds on MS media, although I did it bit differently this time. It was not just simple “spraying” of the seeds with pipette, however I needed to put 10 tiny seeds in a line. Since I was advised a great way how to do so, I was done with the task that seemed so complicated pretty soon.

The lasagna, whose “preparation” took me 10 minutes, tasted much much better than what I hoped for. Since it was enough food to make it two portions, this dish would save me twice as much time as I expected. Nice.

Vegetable Lasagna

The highlight of my work was therefore taking pictures of seeds we had harvested before. Honestly, if you want to document and experiment there is no room to import some art into it. However, it was at least something completely new to me. Although it was quite easy, there were two tricky parts: keep calm and find a computer. It was necessary to organize the seeds in a way, which allowed to count them clearly. Yet, whenever I moved one seed another five jumped away, so lots of patience was needed. I never mentioned this, but I have got some “technical skills confidence” during my stay: I repaired the door of my room a bit and solved a problem of clacking wardrobe door. Today my confidence dropped to its rock bottom. I wanted to download pictures of the seeds to my memory stick and failed to find computer! I was searching for a big black box somewhere on the floor, however everything in the microscopy room was operated by a very small Mac computer on the upper most shelf.

Microscopy room

My food experience continued in the afternoon. Mandana was cooking yesterday something which smelled like pea soup or pea porridge. Her dish made me feel like being in my Mom’s kitchen and I told her. We chatted a bit about different ways we prepare the dish. Today I found some of their left overs in my refrigerator shelf, which made a very nice supper.

Great Supper

According to its smell, I was so sure it had been peas cooking yesterday! However, the dish turned out to be made of lentils. Except for lentils, there were tomato pyre, some potatoes, mint and probably some more spices.

Most of the days it was cloudy and it looked like it should start raining. Since nothing happened all day long, the temperature outside was comfortable and the air so fresh, I decided to go roller blading after finishing my donated supper. This way I proofed that Murphy’s laws keep being valid. Is it that hard to guess how I ended another day in Sweden?


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