… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 35

I started another working day with a bit more flower emasculation. Since the plants had to deal with presence of flies which like their roots, and thrips going for pollen, some of the plants died and my work was decreased this way. Good for me, not so good for further progress…

In the afternoon I spent quite some time in laminar hoot, where I was plating seeds to check their ability to germinate. This assay is going to keep me busy for next two weeks.

The last task was to run a PCR reaction. Again. Yet, this time it was bit more adventurous. If a person responsible for refilling enzyme stock is gone for vacation for couple of weeks, it is just a matter of time until you run out of Taq polymerase, probably the most basic thing in a molecular biology laboratory. This forced me to do it in a bit different way than usually, so I am curious to know how it worked. I will see tomorrow.

I made some fish fingers and mashed potatoes to keep me alive during the day and the dish was not so bad. I had had this one before, but I did not care much – as long as it was edible.

I got imprisoned at the institute for about an hour, because it was raining so much. I used the time to have my first cup of coffee today. The rain released me at about 6pm. Again my cooking was very simple (Am I getting lazier?), so an hour later I faced the question: “What should I do next?” Unfortunately roller blading was out of the  questions: I want neither fall on slippery roads nor make my roller blades dirty. Yet, after so much rain the air was so clean and the temperature really comfortable! So, I concluded a short walk might be a good idea.

Am Old Tree

The walk turned out to be much better than what I had hoped for. Meeting a female deer on my way, not far from the river Fyrisån, was a great ending of the rainy day! She was feeding in someone’s garden and once she spotted me, she stopped and watched me silently and so calmly. Once I spotted her, I got my cell phone ready. I felt sorry not to have my camera with me. At least I tried to do a short movie, however its quality is really poor. So, its only purpose is to be a proof the described situation really happened. After all, the moment was so special that I even do not feel very sorry not to have any nice pictures. It was an unexpected and unforgettable experience and the price for it was not high: just wet shoes and few more mosquito bites.

On my way from SLU to the dorms and than while walking in the evening, I admired clouds which were left on the blue-grey sky. If weather remains like this, I might get a new hobby for the upcoming two weeks: taking pictures of clouds.

Clouds in UppsalaClouds in Uppsala

Clouds in Uppsala


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