… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 36

My working day: waiting, transferring plants to soil (only for this time), running one gel, waiting, coffee, waiting, lunch, waiting, one PCR. Does not that sound like Friday? Whenever I am in a store or plan a trip I feel I am not paid enough to survive comfortably in Sweden. However, as I recalled my day I got a feeling I was paid too much today.

I left the institute at 3:30pm and since I had my roller blades with I made it back to the dorms well before 4:00pm. The weather was just great, so I had to take an advantage of it: roller blading to downtown Uppsala!

I chose a way which tried previously. It seems to be the best way how to get downtown, although there is a short stretch, where there is no biking trail or pavement, and I must go on the road. Fortunately the road is not busy at all. While skating in the real center of the city, it was not very easy to get around, since most of the roads were made from paving stones. To make my ride as safe as possible I had to keep myself on much larger and smoother tiles in the middle of the pavement:

Downtown Uppsala Pavement


City center might have not been the best place for some serious roller blading, yet for experiencing the city in a different way than I have done so far it was the right place and moreover at the perfect time. The streets were really crowded and so were restaurants and cafes. There were also several stands selling candies, toys, balloons and strawberries as well as some other berries. Some people were trying to earn money by playing all kinds of instruments, wearing funny clothing or painting. The almost nude painter I spotted accidentally close to Stora Torget, the main plaza, was very original. His painting was not serious at all: he tried to paint three girls sitting on a bench, however his “art” was in a style of a 3 years old kid. He had lots of drunken (their shouting and empty beer cans were the proof) friend and/or supporters nearby. I did not feel very comfortable to take pictures, so I captured just the following one:

Weird Painter

On my way back to Ulleråker, I crossed a bridge across the Fyrisån river. Although there is only one river in Uppsala, there are lots of bridges. However, this was unusual, because it counted number of cyclists who used it. The statistics (number of cyclists today, so far in this year, total in the last year, and probably highest daily score ever) was shown on a screen right next to the bridge. I hope I did not confuse it with my eight smalls wheels and was included, too!

Bridge - cyclists counter


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