… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 38

Beginning of Sunday was a great one: a breakfast rather in a Radisson Blu-style than a breakfast of a poor student.

Homemade Chocolate Cake

Mitra baked a chocolate cake on Friday and she was so nice to left a piece for me. Since I returned very late on Saturday I saved the treat for today breakfast. It went very well with a strawberry yogurt and cappuccino that I brought from the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately my joy lasted only until I realized it was a chores day, although at that time I had no idea how long my duties would have taken me. I had booked “washing hours” from 10am to 1pm, so I could sleep enough after the trip. I checked the washing situation at 9:45am and found out that someone was doing his/her laundry and 45 minutes of the washing program were still left. Waiting for extra half an hour did not look like a big deal to me and I came back at 10:30am. Yet, it was not my turn again! New portion of clothing was being washed and almost an hour was left until the end of this cycle.

The only free washing machine was the one which can be booked together with a drier which is currently out of order. I booked it anyway and started my laundry immediately, and at the same time I also booked the fourth washing machine we had in the basement – to use its drier. The washing came out well except for, it took almost three times longer than it had been estimated. A timer problem I suppose… When my laundry was finally done I moved it to the drier I had booked, sure I would be finished down there soon. This was not the case. When I came back to check my progress, my clothing was out of the drier and someone else was using the machine. I had a very strong need to stop his/her drying, but after all I was quite fine with leaving not a very nice note for that person. Once I knew, how things were supposed to work here, I took my stuff and finished the drying in a drier another person book. To pardon myself I must say that he/she was still in the washing phase and I was done with drying until the person’s washing was finished. This day taught me it is possible to do laundry for five hours.

In the meantime, I cooked a quite nice lunch: pancakes filled with tuna and egg.

Tuna-egg PancakesTuna-egg Pancakes

It was also my turn to clean two bathrooms today and I do not feel like I should comment this part. Let’s just say I did it.

At 5pm I finally made it out of the building and could enjoy last few hours of wonderful Sunday weather. After a short walk among Swedish fields of cereals, I ate my supper outside.

Field in Sweden


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