… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 39

Extraordinarily beautiful summer continued on Monday as well, yet this was in a strong conflict with Monday being a working day – unfortunately the first one in a row of five. At least, I roller bladed to the institute.

In the morning my work was rather gardening than a serious scientific research of molecular biologist. In the afternoon I spent most of the time taking pictures of germinating seeds with stereomicroscope and this will be my “daily bread” pretty much till the end of my stay here. The time rushed too much to finish analyzing the pictures today, so I have lots of stuff left for tomorrow.

After I have been cooking daily for last few weeks, it was finally time to give another try to lunch at Logen Restaurant. This time I went for some meat with mushroom sauce and potatoes. It was a tasty dish, of course followed by a cup of coffee.

I have no idea about my calories income and I also know nothing about nutritious values of my meals, yet I am confident about my coffee statistics: a cup of coffee at Logen, a cup of hot milk-chocolate and a cup of coffee at SLU.

To balance my today diet, I prepared a supper which I considered to be a healthy one: toasts with tune, tomato and a glass of milk.

Tuna Toasts

I hope my growing wisdom tooth appreciates the increased intake of calcium and finishes it growing process soon! To be frank, moving pieces of my gum tissue rather irritate me.


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