… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 40

Today I roller bladed to the SLU campus again, however I tried a bit different route this time. This one was probably little bit longer and also hillier, but the surface of the road was better. I liked it more than the way I usually take. How sad to find almost a perfect way when barely two weeks of working are left!

I decided to save my remaining lunch coupons for last few days, and therefore I had to take care of my lunch again. However, it was easy to solve the problem: 7 minutes of heating up in a microwave,followed by cooking of some spaghetti. This way I made two portions of a dish of great smell and not so bad taste: Kyckling Svamp & Spenat, chicken, mushrooms and spinach.DSC_0384I spent most of the morning analyzing the pictures I had taken yesterday. While having coffee in the morning, I also saw my boss – I suppose it was about our forth meeting.

In the afternoon I took new set of pictures of germinating seeds and I had a feeling this time my pictures were better. I also managed to finish counting of germinating seeds. To make the sitting in front of the computer screen more pleasant, I wanted to have a cup of hot chocolate. However it looked like the machine can do only coffee of a satisfactory quality. The chocolate unfortunately turned out to look like dirty water and the taste was not great either. The ratio of amount of chocolate powder and volume of hot water seemed to be a problem. I am definitely better in diluting stuff than that machine is!

The elevator in the BioCenter building has not been working very well recently. Today some people finally came to repair it. It took them like two weeks to come and they were working on it for half a day. I saw them sitting on the floor and desperately searching in manual of hundreds of pages. I also witnessed when they had the elevator cabin really down, checking its ceiling and looking rather confused. And the result? By the time I left, the elevator was not repaired yet, and I am not going to use it unless I really have to. Situation has changed and I do not mind walking four floors several times a day any more.

At last, I harvested some plant material which I will use to isolate DNA later on and at 6pm it was time to leave. Thanks to my roller blades I made it back to the dorms pretty fast and I cooked right after I had returned.  The dish looked great and I was looking forward for tomorrow lunch already at the time of cooking it. Hopefully, nothing happens to my great dish overnight.

Later in the afternoon it got quite cloudy and also the wind became stronger. This made me to check a weather forecast. Since it was not very optimistic I concluded it was the right time for some more roller blading. I was out for more than an hour and I enjoyed my ride. I might have found a new trail, where I want to return because of its beautiful surrounding. Unfortunately it is quite far from my place, so I can do it only when I have more time than only an hour in the early evening. Let’s hope for nice weather at the weekend.


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