… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 41

Today I roller bladed to SLU for the third time this week. In this case I had two very simple reasons: lots of rain is predicted later in the week, so I wanted to enjoy the summer weather, and most importantly I needed to do some shopping.

Today I worked mostly on Clément’s project and I tried to help him as much as I could. He is going on his vacation tomorrow and still had lots of stuff to be finished. So, I did colony PCR for him (I am really getting better and better, since I have done so many of it! It is also nice that I like it even after so many repetitions.), prepared few microscopy slides, continued with germination assays and cultivated few bacteria cultures to be grown overnight.

In the afternoon I isolated DNA for Duarte. It was quite a few samples: 28 in total. After all, it did not take me as long as I had expected. I also worked without any supervision this time, so I hope I did get enough DNA out of tiny bits of Arabidopsis leaves. I suppose I will know by the end of the week.

I had a great lunch today. I had one more schnitzel left in my drawer of the common freezer. I tried to avoid to check how “clean” the freezer was and just went directly for the box with my future lunch. The only choice for side-dish was potatoes, yet I hoped for something else than mashed potatoes this time. For this reason, I tried a new recipe: baked potatoes with garlic, and I also added caraway and improved the original recipe a bit.

Ready-to-cook Wiener SchnitzelGarlic Potatoes

The institute is finally getting full as people are returning from their vacations. The labs are full of working people now, the queue at Logen is longer and also the fridge, where I leave my lunch, is fuller and fuller every day. The coffee machine still has not learned how to do a proper hot chocolate, so I keep drinking coffee instead. Two cups today.

Shortly before 6pm I left my office finally and roller bladed shopping. I chose Lidl grocery store just because their Gouda-type cheese was so much better than the same kind of cheese from Willy:s. I was lucky to get tomatoes and strawberry jam for a reduced price. Normally it would be a nice ride to get to the store, however not after an hour of skating up the hill in a strong wind only 24 hours ago. Yet, on the way back I felt fine again and was enjoying my time. I also took a short stop near a place, where few horses were grazing. Unfortunately the did not seem to like my skates nor enjoy being models for my pictures.

Horses in UppsalaSwedish Horses


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