… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 42

I was surprised right after I got up. What can make one surprised so early in the morning and then later on, write about it online? Let’s have a look.

Morning Kitchen Mess

This happened in the kitchen overnight and my main suspects are magpies. I have seen a mess like previously and it was always in the morning. Twice or three times I also spotted a magpie having a promenade on the window ledge. Since those birds are everywhere and seem to be smart, I bet they come to check what was left.

The weather forecast had been promising pretty much continuous rain since yesterday evening. So, there was no more roller blading this morning and I also decided to get up bit earlier. I hoped I would have got to SLU before it had started raining and I would also have done some computer work which I had not finished yesterday. After all, the rain was few hours later than expected, but at least I was successful with my computer tasks.

As I walked to the institute in the morning, I spotted that green city buses had two Swedish flags in their front part, right above mirrors. The flags are not normally there, so I was wondering whether today was an important day for Sweden.City Bus with Swedish Flags

In the morning I did lots of pipeting and during the rest of the day I was busy with plasmid isolation, genotyping, PCRs and bacteria transformation. Yet it the afternoon my working attitude decreased slightly: I had to wait for laminar hoot to be free few times, which was rather annoying, and I also was not in too much rush due to the rain, hoping it would stop or at least get less intensive by the time I leave the lab.

As I mentioned, the weather situation did not look so bad till early afternoon. Therefore, I was making great plans for this evening. Finally, the rainfall was here! It got cloudy and quite cold and was raining and raining and raining, and I changed my mind about all the plans I had had in the morning.

The view out of my lab window is not a very exciting one. When it gets dark and it is pouring, it gets depressing on top of it.Out of Lab Window - It Is Raining

Although I was well prepared for the rainfall this time, I got pretty wet anyway. However, this miserable weather gave me two new opportunities: to take pictures while it was raining a lot, and learn about Swedes little bit more. Swedes, as well as people who stay in the country for quite some time now, are apparently very tough. Even though they knew the rain was predicted, they did not consider not biking to the work. They just packed their special cycling mackintosh. On Saturday I planned to buy a property on a Swedish island, yet now I am doubtful if I could survive here when summer is over.

Walking in the RainHow to entertain myself in such a bad weather and my Friday lunch cooked since Tuesday? Preparing a bit nicer supper seemed as an option:

A Bit Nicer Supper


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