… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 43

When I woke up, I was bit unsure how long I was sleeping. Could it happen that I slept for several weeks and awakened in the middle of the fall? Weather has changed dramatically: it was dark and cloudy, moist, and mist was rising up from the forests, but at least it did not rain. After so much rain, clean Swedish air was even cleaner, and I was also surprised that it was not cold at all.

Foggy Uppsala Foggy Uppsala

Today I finished last bites of my Wiener Schnitzel as well as four left over potatoes. Another special thing about lunch was that Claudia, my boss, joined us again and so did her husband. Now, I am finally confident how my boss looks like. Unfortunately I am not so confident to understand her.

In the morning I harvested more samples for DNA extraction, which was the main project for most of the afternoon. In total it was 48 samples and it took me quite a while to have it done. Thanks to this task, my first cup of coffee of the day came as late as 4:30pm. Moreover, today it was time to check seed germination again. Having collected data for the whole week, I tried to do some charts. Honestly, Microsoft Office 2010 was trying very hard to prevent me from doing whatever I planned. Fortunately at the end of the day it seemed I was the winner.

I had hoped to leave bit earlier today, but my Excel struggle was not over until almost 6pm. So, I just dropped some stuff at the dorms and continued directly to the grocery store. Again. Hopefully it was my last grocery shopping in Sweden. After all, it was a nice walk since the weather improved significantly late in the afternoon.

A very hairy caterpillar that I met not far from Willy:s

A Hairy Caterpillar


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