… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 45

Today I slept way too long, so right after I woke up it was time to make the most of my washing session. Surprisingly enough, this time there were no problems at all, and even the drying worked out perfectly!

While my laundry was being done, I kept myself busy cooking. Pancakes were the choice however, filled with jam this time. I was not very successful in diving the dough into three similarly big portion, so I got one pancake which was OK, one extremely thin and one terribly thick. Nevertheless, the taste was all right and I even made one “Limited Edition” pancake: an apricot-strawberry striped one.

Jam Filled Pancakes After lunch, and when my laundry was done, I went out for a short walk. I accidentally ended up in a part of city called Boländerna. On one side side of the road there was a shopping center, while on the other one fields extended. I took chance of both options: I checked stores which were still opened (Sunday opening hours were till 5pm) and had a little walk between the fields. In regard to my window shopping, I extended my Swedish vocabulary with one more word: rea meaning discount. It looked like they considered summer to be over and wanted to get rid of any clothing remembering summer anyhow.

Once I returned back to the dorms, and predicted rain did not arrive so far, I decided to go roller blading before cooking my supper. It took me only few minutes to get dressed and comb my hair, yet the weather changed dramatically. By the time I got out of the building, it was significantly colder and pretty dark. So, I did my shortest roller blading ever: 20 minutes exactly. I was determined to keep skating even though I could hear thunders quite close. However, my will to be out decreased once the lightning began and by the time strong wind started to blow, I was already on the way back. After all, it was only a false alarm. The bright side was, it made me to have my delicious supper earlier.

After visiting both Sweden’s capital and the oldest town, making trips to nature and seeing an elk, it was time for a culinary experience now. Famous Swedish meatballs, Köttbullar, were the choice. A great choice!

Swedish Meatballs

I decided to go for a true Swedish product to make my experience as great as possible. As  you can see, there is a Swedish flag on the package, and it is mentioned that it always contains Swedish meat (alltid svenskt kött). It should also be meatballs with quite some tradition – since 1970. No matter how true all the information were, it definitely was one of the best supper I have had in Sweden!

Meatballs Supper

The culinary experience was made better thanks to the rice, too. For the first time here, I cooked the cheapest rice available in a way, which was not sticky at all. What a great ending of the Sunday and one more week of my Swedish adventures!


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