… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 46

Roads were pretty wet in the morning, revealing it was raining in the night. Since I had no idea about the rain, it seems I slept very well.

I left some bacteria growing in a Petria dish over the weekend. The lab temperature might have been as low as 20 °C and this was apparently too cold even for Swedish Agrobacterium. I have to put the plate into +28 °C chamber till tomorrow and wait for them to grow. This spoiled my plants to test the colonies, however I still had quite some tasks to do.

I picked up some more samples for DNA extraction and I also had to deal with something I would rather avoid: flies and possible other insects eating Clément’s plants. I was about to get tiny bits of leaves (to be used for DNA extraction), but it was hard to find some leaves on some of the plants at all, while other plants were completely gone and there were no traces of them. So, I had to give them first aid: I sprinkled the soil with more sand and applied a solution, which should keep flies away. I do hope all the plants recover until Clemént is back and no more plant die.

The Monday lunch was very special: the last one I cooked to take with me to work! Moreover, I was unusually successful, so I enjoyed my fish sticks. I did not overcooked them as I did twice before. Fortunately I cooked the rice yesterday in one batch with the rice for my Swedish supper. So, naturally, the rice could not have been cooked too much either. In this dish, I also finished my frozen “Oriental Style Vegetable”. Once the stuff is gone, I dare know to check what I have been eating: carrots, leeks, mung bean sprouts, peas, white cabbage, cauliflower, bamboo shoots, red peppers, wood ear mushrooms and mangetout. Seeing the list now, I am quite impressed how many kinds of vegetable there were. I also figured out what was the suspicious purple-red bits – it was the mushrooms.

Fish Sticks with Vegetable Rice

When I was extracting DNA, I made a ground-breaking discovery: -80 °C is terribly cold and when you want to touch a metal item that was cooled down at this temperature previously, it is a rather painful contact.

Giving up cooking my lunches should give me like 45 minutes more of free time every single day, and I plan to use this time in a nice and reasonable ways: walks, taking pictures and roller blading. This resolution, however, was seriously endangered right on the first day. Rainfall. Again.

Yet, it was just a short shower this time and by 7pm roads were mostly dried and I was ready to go. I went the way to the Lake Ekoln and then continued along the main road. It was a hilly way, but the trail was of a very good quality and very long. I did not reach its end, or gravels preventing me to continue, and got to district called Sunnersta. At the end, the trail stretched along fields and it was nice there. I definitely want to try this way once more and hopefully get bit further the next time.


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