… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 47

It was a really nice walk to the institute in the morning. Unfortunately it did not start in a great way. The Agrobacterium colonies refused to grow even at 28 °C, so I was forced to give up trying new run colony PCR with them. Hopefully there will be something to check tomorrow.

Under these circumstances, I had enough time to do some more genotyping for Duarte (which worked out just perfectly) and also to become a gardener for a while: transferring Arabidopsis seedlings from plates to soil.

Since most of the people are back at work, they offer three dishes at Logen Restaurant now (and probably a take-away one, too). With so many choices and very limited Swedish knowledge I decided to check other people’s plates and then went for some Indonesian dish. It was rice with vegetable and minced meat, and several spices – turmeric might have been once of them. On the top there was yogurt sauce with cucumber bits and even more spices. Although it was little bit spicy to me, it was a very nice dish. About nine different kinds of salads were offered and I could mix them as I wanted. Today the finally had grated white cabbage which seemed to be pickled and which I liked so much last time. For hungry guys, several types of breads were available as well. I went for a slice of very dark bread with sunflower seeds inside, hoping it would be similar to a bread I am used to. How wrong I was! Although it was so dark, its consistence was different than it looked to be. Sadly enough, it tasted sweet, which disappointed me even more.

In the afternoon I was picking up samples, little seedling, to be frozen and used later: two times 94 in total. Another big task was genotyping for Clément. Our stock of chemicals and enzymes has not been refilled yet, so I concluded I better rush, so there is something left for me, too. For this reason, I ran PCR with all 60 samples. The way biggest run in my short career! This also meant opening lots of tubes and I guess this was the reason why my poor thumb was in so much pain later in the afternoon. Can you imagine my sorrow when I found out it had not worked? I already have some suggest what to try next, so the big genotyping story will be continued tomorrow.

The bad feeling about the messed analysis did not last too long, because I got much stronger impression only few hours later.


Evening in Uppsala

I went roller blading and it turned out to be the most special skating in my life. Days are getting shorter now, so I could witness a sunset while skating (at about 8:30pm)! The sky was just shining with shades of orange, pink and purple, grey clouds were enormous and the air was so fresh!

… about 8:30pm…

Evening in Uppsala

… almost 9pm.

Sunset in Uppsala


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