… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 48

That Agrobacterium colonies finally decided to cooperate at least little bit, so I had something to test after four days of waiting to be able to do. However, I did not use the best primer pair available, so I need to give it another try tomorrow. As long as there are some more colonies left… I spent the rest of the morning in the phytotron, planting more tiny seedlings.

At the beginning there were 15 pots and in vitro grown seedlings:

Pots and Seedlings

Less than 90 minutes later, the seedlings were happy in the pots and ready to grow in the growth chamber:

Prepared Pots

I discovered that Logen Restaurant (Restaurang in Swedish) has a weekly menu on-line, so I was able to check prior to going there. This was nice for two reasons: I could look forward to something nice to eat whole morning, and I could translate the menu in my office. Although they gave very complicated names to their dishes, the choices basicaly were: chicken with potatoes, fish fillets filled with shrimps, and pasta with spinach & blue cheese (Pasta med ädelost & spenat). I went for the pasta and it was a great decision. Today they also had some very nice salads. Moreover, our lunch for perfectly planned in terms of its time. We had got to Logen before it started raining and the rain stopped just at the time when we were about to leave.

After lunch we had a lab meeting, although our boss was not here today. It was nice to hear about someone else’s project a bit. This time I enjoyed the little talk much more, since it was so easier for me to follow it.

When the meeting was over, I tried to solve that PCR problem, which did not work out at all yesterday. This time I was way much more successful. The good thing is that I found a way how to make it work, however the bit worse part of my solution is significantly increased number of reactions: 120 instead of original 60. In other words, lots of pipetting and lots of concentrating on what I do. I still have two days to deal with this project, so why not to give it a try.

In the afternoon I also had a chance to try something new. Even though it was not a terribly exciting task, it was a quite nice work: I was harvesting little bits of Arabidopsis roots, preparing slides from them and checking them for fluorescence with a microscope. This kept me busy until 6pm and since it was not raining at that time, the best thing to do was to get to the dorms as fast as possible.


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