… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 49

For the first time this week, no rain was predicted for today, but I chose to walk to the institute. To me it seems morning are getting bit colder these days, so I need my jacket again. However it was not terribly cold, but rather nicely fresh. There was not a single cloud on the incredibly blue sky, so it was a very nice walk.

Today was the big genotyping day: two times 48 samples and couple of controls. This task kept me busy most of the morning and I finally got the results in several portions during the afternoon. Although it may be necessary to repeat the PCR for few samples, the important thing is it worked. In the afternoon I had one more project: check the fluorescence in roots once again. Duarte was hoping to see a stronger signal this time, but we were not lucky at that point. For some plants, there was no signal at all while for others it was terribly weak. As a result of that, I had literary only few seconds to take the picture until the fluorescence was completely bleached.

I had few more ready-to-bake buns left and wanted to have some for my supper. So, I had a chance to use our broken oven. I was not very good at opening it and I also had difficulties to keep it open when I wanted it to be opened. Its glass was pretty dirty, making it hard to see what was going on in the oven.

Baking in Broken and Dirty Oven

Half of the baking time turned out to be just waiting for the oven to heat up, and the other half was then cooling down my fingers in cold running water – hoping I would prevent blisters to appear this way. At least, I did not burn the buns this time…

Buns for Supper

The weather was still nice and I did not need my fingers while skating, so it was the right time to go roller blading. Since I skated to the lake couple of times recently, I decided to go in the other direction. At the very beginning of my way, I took a trail I had never tried before. This one brought me to several Uppsala University buildings. I made it through the little campus and soon I found myself on a very nice trail leading downtown.

While I was preparing my supper, the weather improved a lot. So, it was time to go roller blading. I chose a new way this time, which brought my to the university campus. From there I continued downtown, however I had to return quite soo: pavements of sort of OK quality on Saturday and Sunday mornings turned into restaurant seatings. I did not think it was a good idea to try a slalom among guests, waiters and palm trees in huge pots.

When I was skating back at about 8:30pm the sun was setting down and the Uppsala Castle looked so stunning in its light:

Uppsala Castle in the Evening


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