… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 50

In the morning I transferred the remaining Arabidopsis seedlings into the pots. This line germinated a bit worse and that is why I was waiting with transferring this one for the whole week. As a results of slower germination, the seedling were even tinier than usually and I was missing eight plants. Hopefully, more seeds will germinate soon. I also watered all of Clément’s plants, so they hopefully make it over the weekend, and hopefully without a fly attack this time.

I spent the rest of the morning taking pictures of germinating seeds, which I checked four days ago. I was running this germination experiment for good two weeks and took pictures six timed during that time, so I got much more confident about using this high-tech microscope:

High-Tech Microscope

One of my last lunches at Logen was Gratinerad blomkål med kokt potatis, Baked Cauliflower with boiled potatoes. The cauliflower was baked in some kind of sauce and there was some cheese on top of it, so it was not a bad choice after all. After lunch, one of peaks of the working part of my stay was about to come: Arabidopsis transformation!

I have heard what a great tool it is for researchers, yet never was explained how to do it. Now, I had a chance to try it with Duarte. To be honest, it was nothing terrible exciting and there was not so much to be done. All the preparation on the molecular biology level was much more tricky and took significantly longer time than just few minutes of dipping the flowers in bacterial solution. Nevertheless, I appreciated I could do one more step the long process of plant transformation. An unusual part of this task was working with large volumes: while isolated plasmid was dissolved in few micro-liters, this time the volumes reached 500 milliliters!

For my supper I cooked Pasta Bolognese for two reasons: I wanted to finish the great tricolor pasta and I had a possibly bit longer evening ahead.

This time my plans were not spoiled for any reasons, so I could make a photography trip after my supper. I realized I was missing any late evening/night pictures and to get any was the main task for Friday evening. I went out shortly after 7pm, earlier than I had planned, because I was bit bored in my room. However, it turned out to be a good decision, since I got stuck only after 15 minutes of walking. I spotted some goats on my way and I spent quite some time taking pictures of them.

The animals were grazing at the place called Kronparken (Crown park), located along the road of name Dag Hammarskjölds väg. Although I went skating there several times, I kind of ignored the fence and had never seen any track of goats there before. Once I spotted them I also payed attention to signs attached to the gate. One of them welcomed visitors in gammeltallarnas rike, literary translated as “old pine kingdom” and the other one was a map. This led me to conclude it was allowed to walk in that area, to me simply a forest. I did not try to do, since there were lots of goats and I felt fine on the other side of the fence.

GoatGrazing Goats

The goats did not have much grass there to feed themselves, so they went rather for little bushes and leaves of trees. Watching them for a while helped me to understand, why the trees were missing any leaves and branches at all at the lowest levels of their crowns.

When I made it downtown, I was expecting lights to be on everywhere. However, I was completely wrong about that point. It took until 8:15pm for restaurants to lit up their signs, followed by store windows, and then finally the street lighting went on. While I was walking around and waiting for the right conditions, Uppsala welcoming placard amused me a bit:

Welcome Placard Uppsala

My excitement even increased, when I realized it was changing colors in the course of time:

I also hoped the main sights would be illuminated nicely. They were, but only little bit and the lights came on pretty late, about 9pm, when it was really dark. I was surprised, how fast the evening was getting darker and darker. I was waiting for hour and a half for the lights to be on, and when it finally happened I was done in less than 30 minutes and could not take any nice, non-blurry pictures any more.

During the unbelievably short period of perfect conditions I managed to capture: Rådhuset (Town Hall), Movie Theater on the shore of the river and neighboring building, and a store sign.

Town Hall in the EveningMovie Theater in the EveningEvening next to the RiverShoe Store Sign

When I made it to the famous Domkyrka (Cathedral) and Uppsala Slott (Castle), I wish I had a camera tripod or ability to stay completely still for few seconds. Since I had neither of them I did not try terribly hard to get great pictures. Using my cell phone, I was able to take following pictures:

Cathedral at NightUppsala Castle at Night

Even though I am not very likely to find any stunning pictures stored in my memory card, it was at least a very nice walk, which allowed me to see the city in a bit different way.


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