… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 51

What a contrast to the beautiful Swedish nature?

Boländerna Shopping Center

I started my day in Boländerna Shopping Center, less than 45 minutes walk from my place. I had some unfinished business in a clothing stores called H&M there, and I also gave few more hours to the Swedish weather to decided how it should be like today.

I returned to the dorms for a small lunch and hoped I could go skating. However, I was not brave enough to make it while there were heavy dark clouds and strong cold wind blowing. Since I did not want to spend my last weekend in Sweden closed in my tiny room either, I went out for a walk with possibility of taking pictures.

I visited Uppsala Domkyrka (Cathedral) again, because I was not able to cover the whole building last time, weeks ago. This time it was much less crowded, which made the visit better. The main nave was really huge and it was a long way to make to the altar.

Uppsala CathedralUppsala Cathedral Altar

On its both sides there were small chambers bordered with old metal gates. In these chambers a lot was displayed: solid stone sarcophagi, wall paintings and smaller altars.

Sarcophagus in Uppsala Cathedral

One of them was in a chamber, whose walls were mainly covered with fine, gold shining tapestry:

Tapestry in Uppsala Cathedral

In another chamber a beautiful woodcarving could be found. I think it showed the story of crucifixion, and it was accompanied by paintings, too:


A sarcophagus in one of the chambers was completely overshadowed by a small exhibition of items, which belonged to Tornpelle, Tower Pelle.

The job of Tornepelle was to watch over the city and warn its citizens in case of fire. He lived in the cathedral tower, so he had a good view over the city. If there was a fire, he would hang a flag (or a lantern at night) in the direction of the fire and blow a horn. My understanding was that he had only a tiny room up there with barely any furniture, and food and other supplies were delivered to him from the outside, probably using a pulley. The last Tornpelle died in 1890, when he fell down on slippery stairs.

In the cathedral, there was also a huge organ, right underneath a colorful rounded window:

Uppsala Cathedral Organ

On the way back I stopped in the park next to Uppsala Castle. Today there was held so cold American Car Show. The event had quite an impressive name, however it was just cars parked next to each other. Since the entrance was 100kr (children tickets were for free, but they probably would not have believed if I had pretended to be a kid) and nothing interesting was going on there, I was fine with just passing by.

The cars seemed to be in perfect shapes and I think their owners drove to the Castle park whenever they wanted to get there, parked the cars there and had some beer and fun while chatting with other car owners, and whenever they got tired they would drive back home. This attitude is probably the reason why the city of Uppsala was so concentrated with old cars today. So, completely for free I had enough of cars after an hour and on top of it, I could see them in move.

American Car American Car American Car

On the main road, modern and fast Audi and BMW cars, as well as ordinary VW or Toyota cars were all mixed up with these veterans. Seeing different models of cars at on place, I finally realized how long and broad cars used to be. It surely would not be a safe ride to try driving any of them. Yet, this one was so nice that I might be willing to learn driving properly just to drive the red and white veteran for a while:

My Favorite American Veteran

To be honest, I was not surprised an event like this one happened in Uppsala. Old American cars seem to be very popular here: each time I was out I spotted at least two veteran cars on my way. It looks like these cars are not only expensive toys to be parked in a garage, but people actually use them to get around.


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