… Uppsala. Sweden, Day 53

Last working day today! However, already in the morning I was not sure whether it was a good thing or not so good. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed my last morning walk to SLU, admiring the Swedish bluest sky ever, once again, for the last time this summer.

It seemed to me I planned the necessary departure very well: mornings were colder and colder last few days and wind got stronger, creating a feeling of fall rather than summer. The fall impression was made stronger thanks to ploughed fields, too.

In regard to my working, it was a very easy day: I planted four pots, that is 16 Arabidopsis seedlings, and placed them into the growth chamber. For my last lunch at Logen I went for Korv stroganoff med ris, Sausage stroganoff with rise. Today the dishes had very long and complicated names and I could understand only the side-dish parts of the menu. Stroganoff was the only word I had heard before. Although I expected my farewell lunch to be bit better than just a sausage, the dish was tasty. Of course, I had a cup of coffee afterwards.

After lunch nothing particularly interesting was going on. I talked to Clément, who returned from his vacation today, about stuff I had done for him, did online check-in and printed my boarding pass. I amused myself playing some games online until 4pm, when we had a group fika. Yes, it was the last fika for me this summer and it was organized because of my departure. How nice!

Muffins and cookies from Willy:s I brought

For Fika

The muffins were not really bad, however they were overshadowed easily by treats from Duarte and Clément: nice chocolate cake, smoked ham and very sweet French wine. Even though I do not like the taste of wine, this one is pretty good. Probably the best one in my life.

I was very happy to see almost all my summer colleagues at one place, especially when we could sit outside. Even the unpredictable Swedish weather wanted to say Good Bye to me. Another pleasant moment of my last day in Sweden was nice gifts from Duarte: a Dalahäst, typical Swedish wooden horse called Dala Horse, and a SLU mug. I can put the horse on display to remember me what a great time I had and keep drinking coffee back home, too.

Farewell Gifts

The fika was almost till 5pm, but I did not leave the institute until 6pm. I wanted to say Good Bye to so many people and I wanted to postpone leaving the place as much as I could. Then I finally realized, it was time to set on the way back to my time room to get packed before midnight, but preferably much sooner.

To be honest, I did not expect the last way from SLU being so sad. Although the sun was shining, air was fresh and the temperature really comfortable, the way was worse than the one I did in strong and cold wind while it was raining. I walked really slowly, turning back all the time to see the campus and the building of BioCenter there again and again.

Good Bye to Campus

To bring this Good Bye to the end, I have to admit I did not even dream about such a great experience and while I am writing these lines I can not believe I have spent wonderful (and so short) seven weeks here. The only proof for the length of my stay are the ploughed fields and rowan berries turning red:

Rowan Berries and the Field


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