About the Blogger

Welcome to MOMENTSIN.wordpress.com – a blog that summarizes my traveling experience

[Updated 2016-11-13]

Q: When and why did you start the blog?

This great idea came to my mind while getting reading for my stay in Sweden in summer 2013. I realized I have been traveling so much in only 22 years of my life and have seen so many beautiful places, met so many nice people, and had so much fun. I believe it would be a pity not to share my experience and pictures I took, and not to make my travels being an inspiration for other people.

Q: Who are you?

Mommy’s and Daddy’s little girl.

Q: Could you give me a bit more detailed answer?

My name is Eva and I was born in the Czech Republic (1991). Being a Biology student keeps my busy. After exploiting Czech educational system, I said Good Bye to the Palacký University in Olomouc and moved westwards for my next adventures. Thus, since September 2016 I am a PhD student in Germany. I love taking pictures, which goes together with traveling very well. I am an ordinary girl, however searching for extraordinary moments.

Q: Are you funny?

I am trying to be – every single day of my life. Unfortunately, it does not always work out well.

Q: Are you selfish?

Yes, I am. But I am trying not to be – every single day of my life.

Q: Do you want to be famous?

Of course!

Q: Will you ever stop writing?

Never. Hopefully never – it is harder and harder now.


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