Living/Studying in Germany

Living abroad is an entirely different experience from being a tourist somewhere or staying in another country for only a couple of months. To get to know the feeling, go studying abroad is probably one of the simplest paths to take. I thus, (besides many other and much better reasons), got to move and have been a PhD student in the (mostly) beautiful city of Düsseldorf since September 2016. Occasionally, but regularly, I would like to share my best pictures, my funniest or saddest moments from my new home and to write about my adventures while exploring other parts of North Rhine Westphalia and Germany. And potentially other countries as scientific travels are unpredictable and West of Germany is a great starting point for traveling.

Interested in the study part of the German Chapter of my life? How is it like to be a PhD student? What does it require to get accepted and what are the obstacles on the way towards finishing the degree? In my other blog, I try to find these answers and I also want to share my experiences as they come in the next few years.